What The Blue Crawdads Do

  • We play a high-energy mix of party-making blues, R&B, and rock ‘n’ roll.
  • We perform full-band electric sets, acoustic-based full-band or trio sets, or a mixture.
  • We have experience playing nightclubs, theatres, coffee houses, restaurants, festivals, house parties, and a wide variety of outdoor venues.
  • We show up ready to work.
  • We work hard at building and maintaining a following and staying in touch with our fans. We’ll do everything possible to promote our show at your venue, and we’re confident that the audience will grow each time you invite us back.
  • We do a PG-rated show: designed to appeal to adults, but still family-friendly.
  • We tailor our volume to the venue, allowing us to play full-band electric sets even in small venues that normally feature only acoustic acts.
  • We maintain good working relationships with other musicians and groups in our region, meaning we can help you put together multi-act bills.